Coloured structures

Powder coating offers a wide range of advantages by providing the metal structure with greater resistance to corrosion, heat, abrasions and deterioration due to exposure to adverse weather conditions. They also provide a plastic-coated appearance with an attractive decorative finish.


High corrosion resistance

Increased durability


“The most suitable coating for metal surfaces”


What is powder coating?

Electrostatic or powder coating has physical characteristics far superior to conventional liquid coatings. It is a highly environmentally friendly type of organic coating used to coat and protect all types of metallic materials.

Structures can be painted with classic or striking colours, for reasons of environmental aggressiveness or for aesthetic reasons to highlight the finish.

Characteristics of powder coatings:

  • Electrostatic coating developed with high mechanical resistance to corrosion, deterioration by ultraviolet radiation and adverse weather conditions.
  • Particularly suitable for use in applications where outdoor exposure is required.
Environmentally friendly technology

We have a thermo-lacquering plant with which we coat our products using the electrostatic powder coating technique. The plant is equipped with a purification system that allows us to eliminate the reagent used. This means we reuse the water used in the production cycle, which saves on consumption and avoids discharges into the network, ensuring waste control, compliance with current legislation and the sustainability of the production process.

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