Anti-corrosion guarantee

Aluminium supports

Considered AGGRESSIVE environments are:

  • Coal, gas or fuel consuming power plants. Minimum recommended safe distance: 5km.
  • Sewage treatment plants. Minimum recommended safe distance: 0.5km.
  • Pulp mills. Minimum recommended safe distance: 5km.
  • Petrochemical plants. Minimum recommended safe distance: 5km.
  • Industries or areas with emissions of sulphur compounds, chlorine and/or other gases considered pollutants. Minimum recommended safe distance: 5km.

If the recommended minimum distance is not exceeded, the use of anodised aluminium is mandatory.

Supports made of galvanised steel, Zinc-Magnesium steel and raw aluminium


This guarantee covers the replacement and shipment to the destination of the defective components or the entire product, free of charge. In case of unavailability, a component with similar characteristics will be supplied.

The customer shall be responsible for disassembly, packaging, loading, transport and other expenses incurred in the shipment and delivery of the defective material to SOLASOL’s facilities.

Under no circumstances will SOLASOL be responsible for repairs carried out by external personnel.

In sales and supplies made through distribution channels, it is the customer who must contact the distributor who has supplied the product and manage the incident with their customer service department. The distributor must contact SOLASOL to report the incident and manage the warranty.

The guarantee period is effective from the date indicated on the delivery note.

The following documentation is required in order to claim under the guarantee:

  • Sales invoice
  • Delivery note
  • Final customer data
  • Report of the incident (attaching general and detailed photographs, videos or any other documentation that justifies the incident).


Defects or faults caused by the following are excluded from the guarantee:

  • Poor installation due to non-compliance with the assembly instructions provided by SOLASOL.
  • Deficient tightening torques.
  • Installation of auxiliary elements that are not part of the SOLASOL systems.
  • Modifications made to the SOLASOL systems.
  • Incorrect handling of the goods.
  • Non-structural aesthetic defects.
  • Installation of the systems in locations that exceed the wind or snow loads indicated in the datasheet.
  • Fires or exposure to temperatures above 110ºC.
  • Inadequate or non-existent maintenance. See MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS

Applicable law

This guarantee and any disputes relating to it shall be governed by the laws of Spain. It may not be transferred to third parties.
The parties expressly renounce any other jurisdiction that may relate to them and submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals of Valencia, Spain.