The ever increasing demand for electricity and the popularisation of solar panels has created a new need to look for innovative ways to generate power almost anywhere. Car parks are often large areas that tend to have a lot of sun exposure, which is why it is common to see carports providing shade for the parking space and protecting vehicles from the sun. Why not take advantage of these surfaces to generate energy?

This new formula is becoming more and more popular as it provides a clean and green source of energy that users can enjoy and which does not detract from the functionality of the space in which it is installed.

What is a solar car park?

A solar car park is a parking space with solar panels or solar carports so that, in addition to providing shade, energy can be generated thanks to the solar panels installed on its surface without detracting from its functionality.

The photovoltaic installations in these cases are very similar to those on a façade or industrial roof. The solar panels are anchored to the surface of the carport and all the energy generated is fed into the electrical installation for self-consumption (it can be used by sockets or car chargers, for example) or fed back into the electricity grid.

Benefits of solar car parks

Installing a solar car park does not require any additional land or disruption to existing infrastructure, allowing companies to easily integrate this renewable energy source into their operations.

  • Long useful life. On average, solar panels have a useful life of at least 25 years. Solar carports have a thermo-lacquered finish that makes them resistant to corrosion and ageing. They can easily achieve three decades of power generation and vehicle protection.
  • High resistance. The photovoltaic panels are prepared to withstand inclement weather, from snowfall or heavy rain to hail. The electrical inverter has protection systems against voltage surges. Our solar carports are manufactured according to the highest quality standards, so you can install a product that will last for many years in the best conditions.
  • Low maintenance. In a solar carport installation, periodic maintenance is minimal. Under normal conditions a check should be carried out every six months. The maintenance that is usually recommended is a cleaning of the panel and maintaining the wiring and electrical equipment.
  • Quick return on investment. From the moment you install the solar carports, you can start saving on your electricity bill until you get a return on your initial investment. Depending on the amount, this point will come sooner or later, but once it does, you will be able to enjoy your solar panels for many years to come.
  • Installing photovoltaic canopies in a car park helps to preserve the environment by generating green energy. This energy obtained will not generate CO2 for at least the 25 years of useful life of the solar panel.

Turn your car park into a charging station for electric cars

As the push for clean energy grows, companies are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. One of the most effective solutions is to establish an electric vehicle charging station in their car park. By installing solar panels, you can turn your car park into a renewable energy source that will allow drivers to charge their electric vehicles with clean energy while they shop or work.

Installing solar panels or photovoltaic energy in your car park is not only beneficial for reducing emissions, but also provides numerous financial benefits. Solar panel installations generally require little maintenance and have low installation costs compared to other forms of renewable energy, and in the long run you will notice the savings compared to conventional electricity bills.

Challenges of installing solar panels

Installing solar panels can be a great way to reduce energy consumption and save money, but there are some challenges. For installing solar panels or photovoltaic carports in car parks, there is a lot of preparation and planning involved in for the installation of these systems to be successful. This is why you need to be confident in choosing the best photovoltaic parking structures.

If you are planning a solar car park installation project, you can contact us. SOLASOL Energy has a wide range of structures for solar panels. Contact us without obligation and explain the installation you would like to do. We will help you choose the structure that best suits your needs, offering different solutions and also help to provide a good landscape integration.